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Определения понятий в радио-продакшн

пт, 22-08-2014 - 16:47 -- keereel

В "русскоязычном радио-продакшн" полнейшая неразбериха с терминологией, особенно, если термины, которые используются, переняты из западной радио-индустрии. Оно и понятно - коммерческое радиовещание у нас гораздо моложе. Раскопал очередной список терминов, которые используются в оформлении радио-эфира, с их определениями:

What do the different names mean, and what are they all for?
There are a number of different types of imaging in our library, each designed for a different use.

  • Sweepers
    Sweepers are jingles made up of a spoken voice mixed with effects. They're designed to go between two songs - playing over the "outro" of one, and the "intro" of the other. They help the presenter to sweep two songs together
  • Stagers
    Stagers, like sweepers feature a spoken voice, but are accompanied by a beat or a short piece of music. They can be used between two songs that have a "hard" ending - one that does not fade at the end, and one that begins with singing or a strong beat.
  • Stabs
    Stabs are also useful for putting between songs with hard endings and intros. They can be used when you want a quick transition between two songs, or to punctuate a music bed (the music you use under you speaking) and go into a song.
  • Music Mixes and Promos
    These can be used to break up your show and promote other shows on the station. Try not to play too many of these in an hour or two many one after the other.

    Also remember that at the beginning of each hour, promos and adverts are played after the news. Therefore, starting your show with promos is not a good idea as this may duplicate what has already been said.

  • Sung Jingles

    We have a number of different "cuts" of sung jingles. Each cut is a different musical arrangement, and there are various "mixouts" of each cut. These include...

  • Jingles
    These are the full mixes of each sung jingle, they can be used like stagersbetween two songs.
  • Talkups
    These can be used for short links as there is a small amount of music before the singing at the end.
  • Donuts
    They're called this because they are jingles with a whole. You can use these to insert a small voiceover of your name or your show name for example.
  • Stabs
    These are the shortest mixes of each jingle, see the usage notes for stabs above.
  • Sweep Start jingles
    These jingles start with a voiceover introduction (like sweepers) and the sung jingle backing fades in, ending with singing. These are designed for playing as a song is fading to go into another song or link
  • Sung Mix jingles
    These jingles feature our station voiceover set to the beat of the jingles, they provide a little more variety to the basic sung variations, and can be used like standard sung jingles or stagers.



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