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Waves - акция

Waves продаёт некоторый софт по специальным ценам до конца воскресенья (по нашему времени - до 8 утра понедельника получается).

CLA Bass за $39 (обычная цена - $100). The plugin was designed to help you lay down a solid foundation for any song.

W43 Noise Reduction Plugin за $49 (обычная цена - $200). Ambient noise: Hiss. Hum. Traffic. Wind. Air conditioning. They can all wreak havoc on dialog tracks. With Waves W43, they’re a thing of the past.

Tape, Tubes & Transistors за $149 (обычная цена - $400). Developed in association with Eddie Kramer, Tape, Tubes & Transistors features three meticulously-modeled vintage plugins: Kramer Master Tape, HLS Channel, and PIE Compressor.




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