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Радио Ростова: о нас пишут

Мелочь, а приятно, и хочется похвастаться. На сайте журнала Classic Rock, в своей колонке, Мик Бокс (Mick Box), участник группы Uriah Heep, написал про нашу радиостанцию:

Thursday, February 11, 2010

It was up for an early breakfast and then the crew went down to the venue at 11.30am. Some opted to stay in bed, but I had to go to a radio station (Radio Rostov) to do a live interview. I was picked up by the promoter at 1pm and off we went. It was only 20 minutes away and quite an enjoyable interview, which included a phone in with questions from fans for me to answer on air. It is always strange doing interviews with interpreters, as you have to keep your answers short so that they can interpret correctly. I learnt this years ago as I used to give really long in-depth answers to questions and then look at the interpreter’s face which usually had a look of horror mixed with panic all over it.




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