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2016 will see MUSEXPO Los Angeles celebrate 12 years of inspiration, imagination, creative business and networking that has been fostered for over a decade at this truly international event, which launched in Los Angeles in 2005 and has also been held in Europe and Australasia. The highly-...

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WORLDWIDE RADIO SUMMIT is the "United Nations of Radio" attended by hundreds of U.S. and international radio and record executives over the past five years. WWRS 2016 will continue to highlight some of the most important issues and opportunities impacting radio today and tomorrow, as well as...

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The world´s greatest international radio conference
Radiodays Europe is an annual conference for radio professionals with 1300 participants from 60 countries. It is the meeting point for the European radio industry, both private and public, and a destination for radio people from around...

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Проект «NATEXPO», созданный Национальной Ассоциацией Телерадиовещателей (NAT) при непосредственном участии крупнейших российских компаний, работающих в сфере телерадиоиндустрии, проводится при поддержке Федерального агентства по печати и массовым коммуникациям, в партнерстве с Национальной...